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A family-run business that believes gaming is best enjoyed with good friends, and a great table.

Building things since 1958

Specializing in the production of hand-crafted furniture and products, we have passed on years of professional experience to help create a selection of gaming tables that exceed the expectations of those playing on them.

With our previous Councillor, Phalanx, and Hive models, we have a track record of excellence and delivering quality that lasts and looks fantastic in any space. However, we received several questions from clients who were looking for a more affordable alternative to our existing range. After years of research and planning, we ended up producing the SunnyGeeks – an affordable and aesthetically suitable option for the most discerning of players.

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We are Gamers

Like you, we combined our love for tabletop games, creating products that enhance your experience.

Sustainable forestry

We work hard to ensure all of the raw materials we are using come from sustainable forestries.


We take pride in our hard-earned reputation and we are delighted to see the gaming community growing.



Rathskellers was founded in 2013 by the two Milios brothers, Thanos and Paschalis, as an extension of a family-owned furniture business that is now in its third generation.

Spending our summer vacations playing Space Crusade & Heroquest while still aiming for that boom shakalaka in our dusty NBA JAM SNES cartridge,

you can trust us WE’RE FAMILY.


Coordinates the many business details of running Rathskellers. He loves design and marketing, but has also used his programming knowledge to publish a variety of apps and games.

(Although his name is Thanos, he is not the Marvel Super Villain)


The master craftsman of Rathskellers. He is a wizard with his hands who takes the time to build every detail to perfection.

You can find his signature in all of Products and usually he is scooping the workshop floor with new concepts & ideas.


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We take pride in our hard-earned reputation and are delighted to see such interest in our models.

We hope you reach out and let us know your thoughts and back us today, so we can keep on doing what we love and find an audience that we can build a relationship within the years ahead.