Backers outside of the European Union: NO VAT

European backers : Add 18% to the total price

The prices noted are exclusive of VAT. All EU customers & orders must comply with this. Since this is a Project open for backers Worldwide (US customers for example, don’t have to pay the VAT) our aim is to provide a transparent pricing for all. Other companies & developers many times hide the extra cost on the product’s price or in the shipping.

That would be the case if we announced a VAT included price. US Customers would pay more than they should (we would be earning a % of the sale dishonestly since we don’t have to charge them for it – and it’s pretty illegal to do so).

Things have been really strict in the European Union regarding the VAT. They just obligated, crowdfunding especially, for example, to mark all items as pre-orders other than investments.

As a thank you for your trust & support (and since VAT in Europe differs by country) we are billing a flat 18% for all European backers and we will be absorbing the difference from the Greek Vat (24%)