This 2-year project would never be as innovative and successful without the continuous support from the board game community! Your feedback has been invaluable, and we thank each & everyone one of you.

Our special thanks go to the Sunnygeeks Facebook community, that took us by surprise. Your kindness, passion, and support are out of this world. You made this a reality and we are more than honored to create your dream modular table to enhance your gaming lives.



  • 2 New Neoprene Colors – Eternal Den (Petrol) & ?? !
  • 2-Slot Card & Counter Accessory!
  • 4/6/8 Advanced Player Stations Bundle!
  • A new color option for your table - #09 Red Cherry !
  • A new color option for the Metal structure of your table – Pure White!
  • 2 FREE Tea/Beer Holders for EVERYONE!



We are working hard & plan to launch the Pledge Manager in approximately two weeks, so you can finalize your orders. There, you will be able to purchase whatever you like and create your desired combos, choose your colors and fine tweak all those elements, up to your total pledged.

Don’t worry, you can always deposit more money to digital wallet, according to your needs. (The shipping cost for each order will be shown in your Pledge Manager checkout).



Great news for everyone. After discussions and negotiations with our Logistic Partners we will be able to reduce the shipping costs by a 3-18% depending on the region you are located.

We plan to offer our Sunnygeeks model via Kickstarter as well, most likely during September, as Kickstarter will finally open for Greek Creators!

All Stretch Goals unlocked apply to this campaign only. You are our early supporter, you put your trust on us and you will enjoy each milestone reached and a faster delivery time. Nevertheless, you can always join the Kickstarter campaign, in case you need to add more to your order.

(Note that adding more elements to your order might result in a delay from its original shipping date, as we will have to craft all the extras).


Last, but not least, our heroes, the pre-backers, that believed in this project, in us, before we even release any information about our new design!

You kick-started this project and this mean the world to us ❤





  • Do you offer Worldwide Shipping ?
    Yes, we ship worlwide, excluding Ukraine, Russia & Brasil
  • Does shipping includes Insurance?
    Yes, all of the tables will ship with full insurance.
  • Where do you Ship & Manufacture from?
    Everything is handcrafted and shipping from our own Workshop in Greece.
  • Are there any customs involved?
    This is a EU friendly project so you won't be paying any custom fees. If you are outside of EU you will be responsible for any custom fees associated with your order. As an example customs taxes for the US can vary from 1-7% depending on the state.


  • Do you offer matching chairs?:
    Yes we offer 2 different models you can choose from. You can find them in the Project Description.
  • How much is shipping for the chairs?:
    This is something we are still looking into, since chairs were added after popular demand.
  • How can I add the chairs to my Tier Level ?:
    Just add the cost of the chairs in your Tier Level.


  • Table:
    Inner (Game Cellar Play area) : 154.2 x 92.5cm
    Outer : 182x120cm
    Height with Dining Leaves on : 81cm
    Height with Dining Leaves off : 79cm
    Leg Clearance : 67.5cm
    Cellar Depth : 6.5cm
  • Cups Diameter:
    Normal Cup : 6.8cm
    Jumbo Cup : 9cm
    Tea/Beer : 8cm
  • Drawers :
    Outer dimensions : 39.8 x 10.6cm
    Inner dimensions : 38,3 x 9.5cm
    Depth : 4.8cm
  • Player Desk :
  • Plex Sheet for DM :
    Storage Box :
    Each storage box fits 7 toppers
  • Chair 1 :
    a) Without Armsrest
    Width : Outside 52cm - Inside (sitting area) 49cm
    Depth of Sitting Area : 44cm
    Floor to Sitting height : 43cm
    b) With Armsrest
    Width : Outside 68cm - Inside (sitting area) 45cm
    Depth of Sitting Area : 45cm
    Floor to Sitting height : 43cm


  • Can I customise the look of the table?:
    Absolutely! The SunnyGeeks is designed from the ground up to be built the way you see fit. If you want to optimise storage, player convenience, or comfort; there are several topper options available. These can be added by picking up one of our packages or by browsing our list of accessories.
  • How is the table assembled?:
    Each table will be shipped securely via our partners network and arrive in predetermined number of packages based on your level of support. Once delivered, users only have to attach the legs to the structure through a fully detailed, fifteen-minute assembly process.  This carries no risk of damage to the table and is simple enough for any individual to follow with ease.
  • Are there other items aside from those listed?:
    Yes! We will be adding extra elements to the package as our stretch goals are completed. These will range for alternative colour options, accessories, and even something truly special if our upper boundary is hit.
  • Can I play Gloomhaven on it:
    Yes! The table’s play area is 154.4  x 92.4cm, more than enough to run the most component heavy scenarios in Gloomhaven. And as you can see from our promotional video, you can comfortably fit a beast like Twilight Imperium there too.
  • Can the trench patrol let me play two games simultaneously?:
    Yes! The trench patrol is designed to be a simple way to split your table. This can let you play two games at the same time, separate your playspace between two teams, or organise the table as you see fit.
  • Can the Trench Patrol let me play two games of Twilight Imperium simultaneously?!!:
    Don’t push it.


  • Backers outside of the European Union: NO VAT

  • European backers : Add 18% to the total price.

The prices noted are exclusive of VAT. All EU customers & orders must comply with this. Since this is a Project open for backers Worldwide (US customers for example, don't have to pay the VAT) our aim is to provide a transparent pricing for all. Other companies & developers many times hide the extra cost on the product's price or in the shipping.

That would be the case if we announced a VAT included price. US Customers would pay more than they should (we would be earning a % of the sale dishonestly since we don't have to charge them for it - and it's pretty illegal to do so).

Things have been really strict in the European Union regarding the VAT. They just obligated, crowdfunding especially, for example, to mark all items as pre-orders other than investments.

As a thank you for your trust & support (and since VAT in Europe differs by country) we are billing a flat 18% for all European backers and we will be absorbing the difference from the Greek Vat (24%)


  • 07/28/2020
    Sunnygeeks Gaming Table by Rathskellers: Eat & Play More!
  • 07/28/2020
    Sunnygeeks Gaming Table by Rathskellers: Eat & Play More!
  • 07/27/2020
    Sunnygeeks Gaming Table by Rathskellers: Accessories - Extras - Add-ons
  • 07/27/2020
    Sunnygeeks Gaming Table by Rathskellers: Eat & Play More!
  • 07/27/2020
    Sunnygeeks Gaming Table by Rathskellers: Accessories - Extras - Add-ons
  • 07/27/2020
    Sunnygeeks Gaming Table by Rathskellers: Eat & Play More!
  • 07/27/2020
    Sunnygeeks Gaming Table by Rathskellers: Accessories - Extras - Add-ons
  • 07/27/2020
    Sunnygeeks Gaming Table by Rathskellers: Accessories - Extras - Add-ons
  • 07/27/2020
    Sunnygeeks Gaming Table by Rathskellers: Eat & Play
  • 07/27/2020
    Sunnygeeks Gaming Table by Rathskellers: Eat & Play More!